About Us

A blanket here, part of a shirt there, some old costume jewelry somewhere else. For some, this is junk to be thrown out. For me, it’s an opportunity to give these items a second life, to pass on a bit of history, and to tell a story that no one else can.

Delirious DJ was founded on a basic principle: that the gift of your time is more valuable to someone than just throwing money at someone or yourself. That someone dedicating time out of their life to create something that’s unique to you means so much more than simply selecting something on the shelf at a department store.

As such, I strive to create products that are unique to them, and cannot be duplicated. Every single one of my items is one-of-a-kind, and made by my own two hands. What I do is not rocket science, but it comes from my heart because I love doing it. I love seeing how happy it makes someone to get something handmade, and many appreciate that it comes from repurposed items that would otherwise end up in a landfill. This gives them a second life, a bit of history, and a story to be passed on.

Made with love, from our hearts to yours